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MD770 Pinpoint Metal Detector

Pinpointer Features: MD-770

This ingenious pinpointing Pro Metal Detector is lightweight, compact, and portable for thrilling treasure hunting on land and under water! It’s the perfect tool for beginners, advanced hobbyists, and professionals from youth to seasoned veterans of metal detection. Now you can discover hidden gold, silver, antique coins, and other valuable metals under water that few can reach.

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Battery: 1*9V (Not included)
Operating frequency: 11±13kHz
Operating temperatures: -35ºF (-37ºC) to 158ºF (70ºC)
3 models operation: LED light
Controls: Power switch
Length: approx. 28cm
Sensitivity: 5cm for a US Quarter
Pinpoint tip detection. 360° side-scan detection area.
Scraping blade for searching among tight soil. Automatic tuning.
Alarm will be increased based on targets’ proximity.
Water and dust resistant (IP66). With a holster and a retractable hanging wire.
Lightweight & easy to carry & simple operation


Light weight only 200g, Size 28x 4.5cm, come with belt holster, it’s convenient to hold or hang on the belt to carry to anywhere and prevent dropping or missing. All you need to do is press a button to turn on the Metal Detector and then start treasure hunting, super easy, kids can operate independently
LED light to detect multiple metals – audio and light indicator ensure you won’t miss any alert when in a noisy environment. Built in LED light, convenience to operate at night. Metal Detector can detect various types of metal object such as coin, Gold, Silver, relics, jewellery, to help you easily find treasures or missing metal objects whether indoors, outdoors, in wall, sand, grass, soil or hole.
Waterproof & multipurpose Metal Detector – waterproof pinpoint tip allow you to detect in water less than 9cm. lightweight Metal Detector can be used for treasure hunting in tight niche areas which your typical Metal Detector can’t get to, airport security for recovering weapons, construction work like finding screws and nails within the dry wall, finding screws in your garden to prevent accidental injury or valuables lost in the garden
Beginner Expert suitable & Warranty – lightweight and one button operate feature make it suitable for treasure hunting beginner to use. The bar Design and 360 degree detect features also make it a necessary for expert treasure hunter.
Auto alarm when in low power, constantly alarm to remind the user to change a new battery.

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– One-Touch Operation
– Proportional audio/ LED light indicates targets
– Alarms and light increase in intensity based on target’s proximity
– Pinpoint tip detection
– 360°side-scan detection area
– LED light for low light uses
– Scraping blade for searching soil
– Portable, durable and easy to use


1. Battery is not included.
2. The parts above the switch are not waterproof, so this product should not be used directly underwater, or its accuracy and functions may be influenced.


1PCS /Box
Box size:28*5*5cm
G.Weight.: 0.2kg

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