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Dongguan Cheebo Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on June 17, 1999. Located in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, which has developed manufacturing industry, it is a well-known high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, development and sales of testing equipment.

The company since its inception, to the local rich materials, technology and resources as the backing, to develop high-tech industries as the goal, always adhere to the road of combining production, study and research, in a professional, good faith, the devotion of scientific and technological innovation, constantly research and development and production for the public the metal detector, beauty and other electronic products;The company’s products through the European CE certification, and exported to many countries and regions, has provided a variety of perfect solutions and satisfactory products and services for domestic and foreign customers, is the world’s top 500 enterprises selected suppliers.At present, it has successfully developed nearly 100 kinds of beauty instruments, body instruments, health massage equipment, hand-held metal detectors and so on.

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The company has developed and produced the main products are: a number of large and small super wave skin purifier, perfume atomizer, ultrasonic beauty peeling machine, 3 in 1 beauty wrinkling, yan Huichun beauty instruments and other products.In particular, the small ultrasonic skin scraper developed in 2005 has delicate appearance, stable performance and good quality, and has been exported to Europe and The United States, Asia including China and other countries.In 2013, we developed and produced new high quality precision instruments and all accessories.In 2018, we have successively updated the handheld metal detector: GDX series, T series, F series, G series, as well as hundreds of kinds of detection plates, batteries and other accessories.

We always adhere to the quality of survival, technological innovation and development of the principle, with high quality, low price, advocating “efficient and harmonious, enjoy the value of the” marketing service concept to win the favor of new and old customers.New concept, first-class talent, advanced equipment and leading technology, let us in the opportunity and challenge between the ease and ease, constantly towards success and glory.

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