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MD4030P Handheld Metal Detector

1. Two operation modes: all metal, recognition mode
2. Simple knob operation, easy to use for beginners or experienced users.
3. Adjustable volume-adjust the volume of speakers and headphones.
4. Recognition mode-can shield junk metals, only detect valuable metals
The 5.7.5 inch high-quality waterproof search coil can be used on the beach or in shallow water.
6. Headphone jack-allows users to connect 1/8 inch headphones for normal operation.
7. Adjustable shaft: The length of the adjustable shaft can be adjusted according to the height of different users for convenient use.

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Name metal detector Keywords metal detector
gold detector
gold metal detector
underground metal detector
Model MD-4030P Type Hobby series
Frequency 5.0KHZ Working current Static:10mA
Color Black Warranty 1 year
Material ABS+Aluminum tube Certificate CE, ROHS,FCC
Power supply 2*9V (6F22) Generally, there is no battery equipped at the factory Sensitivity >15cm (use 25 cents to detect)
Display method pointer Operation mode handheld, and mobile scanning
Machine length 80-108cm Probe size (diameter) 20cm (7.5 inches)
Host head size(L*W.H) 13cm*9.2cm*15.5cm Inner box size Conventional inner box: 54*22*11cm GW: 1.25kg,Outer box: 59*23*56 10pcs/CTN

If the quantity of a single order is >=100 sets, the inner box can be customized into the smallest package. Inner box: 43.7*25.5*9.5cm, outer box: 53*49*45cm 10pcs/CTN

md4030 handheld metal detector 6


1. It is an upgraded model of 4030. Its predecessor, 4030, has a great reputation abroad and is shared on Facebook and Twitter.Bring your own visibility and customer base.
2. Low unit price
It is the product with the lowest unit price in the Hobby series, and the promotion cost is small
Small size and light weight
The smallest and smallest size can be customized, similar to the size of a shoe box, which can save logistics costs to the greatest extent
The length can be adjusted 80-108cm
Buying groups: suitable for both older children and adults
The machine is stable
The old model is upgraded again, the machine performance is particularly stable, there are basically no quality problems and worries

Application Field

1. Detect buried metal underground
2. Security check
3. Widely used in outdoor treasure hunting
4. Used for outdoor education


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