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Md-5031 Underground Metal Detector For Sale

This MD-5031 Underground Metal Detector is a kind of easy using metal detector. It can distinguish the ferrous and non-ferrous metal. This metal detector is suitable for the people whose hobby is outdoor adventure and treasure hunting. Its LCD Screen indicator mode and pinpointing function can let the users find the hidden metal quickly and easily, Red and Green LED light in circle also help to distinguish the ferrous and non-ferrous metal. With this metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere.

This metal detector is also widely applied in many other areas:
Detecting metal objects buried underground. Widely used in security check, professional treasure hunting, material check etc..

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1.Beautiful Design: LCD screen with LED light circle around
2.ALL-METAL and DISC MODES: ALL METAL mode helps you to search for all kinds of metal with adjustable sensitivity level; DISC mode allows you to discriminate 3 types of targets and ignores the unwanted metal targets according to your needs for a more accurate and focused outcome.
3.Pinpoint function: With P/P button, can help user to find the correct location,
4.LCD Screen: easy operation, LCD screen displays depth, sensitivity level, battery level and low battery indicator, so the user can easy adjust machine up to different environment, and get real-time data during detecting journey
5.3 ways of Indication: LCD show, LED light, Audio, you can check the metal items from the screen by cursor; there are 3 kinds of tones with adjustable volume to let you know different metal targets through the speaker or headphone (it adopts a 3.5mm audio jack). what more, its circular LED indicator would show red/green light which stands for different target types.
6.TWO COLORS LIGHT DISPLAYS:In order to everyone fully enjoy the fun of detection, our circular LED indicator will display red / green lights to represent different target types. If the LED light is red, it means ferrous (low-cost metals such as iron, titanium), and if the LED light is green, it is ferrous (high-value metals, such as copper, silver, gold, etc.)
7.Waterproof search coil: 8inch waterproof search coil for extreme ground conditions and shallow water detection
8.Adjustable Length: length can be adjust to 105cm-131cm, suit for different Height.
Noted: the search coil and cable are waterproof, but the controller is not waterproof.

md1008a children metal detector 10


Power supply      2*9Vbattery(not including)
Basic Sensitivity       >16cm (for a US quarter)
Operation modes      LCD screen indication for metal
Coil      8″ waterproof search coil
Audio      3 tones audio
Detected indication      LCD screen, LED light, Audio
Battery Condition Indicator       Yes
Distinguish       Ferrous and non-ferrous by 3 ways
Pinpoint function       Yes(help find the correct location)
Back Light     Yes
Frequency     6.6KHz±0.2KHz
Warranty     1 year


Box size: 55.2X27.5X13.3cm


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