GDX8000 Gold Detector
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GDX8000 Gold Detector

Product Description – GDX-8000
The GDX-8000 is goldseekers’s most advanced gold detector. it is a high precision instrument incorporating Multi-Period Sensing(MPS), Dual Voltage Technology(DVT), Smart Electronic Timing Alignment(SETA) and the latest in high-techanalogue components combined with advanced digital processing. The GDX-8000 will locate gold in all types of ground, especially highly mineralised ground conditions, with greater efficiency than any previous detector.

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GDX-8000 is a great gold detector. It has ultra-high functions, enabling users to use it more flexibly and effectively than ever before. The new SETA technology is included to make it quieter and more anti-interference, so it is more comfortable to use.

Even if you have never used the detector before, the GDX-8000’s auto balance function and preset search mode make it easy to navigate. Ultra quiet equipment, ultra target signal, better resolution and versatility make GDX-8000 the best gold detector.

GDX-8000 has a series of adjustable detection frequencies, far exceeding similar products. Detectors that provide the best performance under various conditions may be surprisingly effective.

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In addition to the four commonly used detection modes, GDX-8000 also introduces two new supervision modes to improve flexibility. The new enhanced regulation mode is a powerful function, similar to inductive regulation, which can perfectly improve the depth and signal response under small and large targets.

The perfect automatic balance function is more suitable for the original land and provides the most effective detection under all soil / regulation conditions. Audio can also be added to help identify very weak signals. The speaker design and the use of high-quality low-noise components ensure clear signal response without additional buzzing interference

Pre programmed search mode without confusion detection

GDX-8000 provides a series of pre programmed search modes that you can explore immediately! In addition to the two most common custom search modes (general and deep), you can access the other four search modes and make specific choices according to specific technologies. They are high-quality ore, waste ore, bulk ore and test mode. All six search modes can be modified according to your favorite settings, and the custom mode allows you to choose your own mode.

The new function GB is separated from neutral soil.

In addition to normal and ground balance, you have a third option. In GB off mode, the ground balance circuit provides additional depth detection. This is a very useful function for benign, low mineral content or salt saturated soils. This function can also be used to detect treasures in clay or sand.

Backlight – you can easily view the LCD menu day or night, and the backlight can be adjusted without worrying about battery life. The new stabilizer is a good tuner. Enables the operator to fully control the stability. This is in parallel with the audio processing circuit and is therefore synchronized with the four kinds of audio. Under quiet conditions, the improvement of stability makes the weak signal more obvious. Pressing it will give you a smoother start and improve your ability to detect weak signals.

Audio control area – in addition to volume control, it also has intelligent detection to effectively prevent excessive signal sound. The new volume control enables you to increase the strength of weak target signal. This is useful in inclement weather conditions to avoid hearing loss and adjust the audio volume when using external speakers. The volume control area can also be used to promote audio on ordinary soil and reduce or straighten noise signals on complex terrain soil. This is a powerful function, which can be used together with the stabilizer to improve the recognition ability of weak signals. Built in amplifier, you can hear weak target signal more easily. The newly designed lithium-ion battery now has a built-in audio amplifier that allows you to use external speakers without any external devices. It uses an intelligent circuit that automatically senses the correct wired speaker and adapts to increasing audio gain. The design of the amplifier and the use of high-quality low-noise components ensure clear signal response and effectively shield the background noise.

SETA technology enables more precise adjustment. GDX-8000 now provides a total of six default mode options to adapt to different detection conditions. The previous series of detector operations used Universal Tuning for all presets. GDX-8000 has so many choices that it no longer depends on a single adjustment, so the birth of intelligent electronic timing calibration SETA.

SETA automatically and accurately assigns each time zone. This means that in each time zone, the noise caused by electromagnetic interference will be minimized, maintained more stable, and the signal from highly magnetic rocks will be greatly reduced. This is the advantage of gdx-8000, which can run more effectively under different conditions.

The advantage of SETA technology is that your settings can be saved independently of any location, so you don’t have to reset when you test signals from uncertain targets

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Transmission:Bi-Level Pulse Induction
Technology:MPS,DVT and SETA
Coil(standard):11”Round Double-D
Audio Output:6.35mm(¼”)headphone/speaker socket Headphones supplied
LCD:64×128 pixelsTransflective,white backlight
Length:Extended:1300mm(51.2”) Unextended:1100mm(43.3”)
Weight Including 11” Coil,(Excluding Battery and Accessories):2.4kg(5.3lbs)
Operating temperature range:0℃ to 45℃(32°F to 113°F)
Storage temperature range:-20℃ to +65℃(-4°F to +149°F)

Type:Lithium lon
Output Voltage:7.4VDC,8.4VDC when fully charged. Max discharge current is 1A
operating temperature range: 0℃ to 45℃(32°F to 113°F)
Storage temperature range:-5℃ to 65℃ max,preferred:5℃ to 25℃.(23°F to 149°F max,preferred:4°F to 77°F)
Battery charge temperature range:0℃ to 45℃(32°F to 113°F)

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The GDX-8000 is a gold detector mainly designed to detect gold, placer gold, particle gold and dog-head gold.GDX-8000 metal detector is particularly sensitive to gold,is ideal for those who are looking for a serious entry-level machine.With your metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. This metal detector is versatile and easy to use.


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