GDS2000 Gold Detector Underground Finder
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GDS2000 Gold Detector Underground Finder

The new GDS2000 is an easy-to-use, affordable metal detector with performance similar to high-end detectors. The detector is not only light and compact enough to fit into a backpack, but also has excellent depth. It includes three search modes: all metal mode, discrimination mode and precision mode. The GDS2000 includes not only manual ground balancing and notch identification, but also wireless Bluetooth horn options.

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Product Features:

Search coil: 5 “x 10” DD coil and 5 “DD coil are equipped as standard to cover more ground and search deeper or detect narrow space more accurately
Precision positioning mode: including precision positioning mode, which can help you locate the target with high accuracy.
Backlight: the blue LED backlight helps to detect when the light is dark
Intuitive and efficient control: direct drive button for the most commonly used control. Easy access menu adjustments for other controls
All metal detection: detect iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver, etc
Iron exclusion: the metal discrimination mode helps you ignore unwanted metals
Durable: easy to use, ergonomic design weighs only 3kg, excellent detection depth and solid design.
What does it include: 5 “x 10” DD coil and 5 “DD coil, wired headset, shovel, battery carrier

Product Parameters:

Search mode: all metal mode, metal discrimination mode, precision mode
Working frequency (kHz): 12.8khz
Length: 140cm
Weight: 3kg
Standard coil: 5 “x 10” DD coil and 5 “DD coil
Ground balance: Manual
Headphones provided: wired headphones
Display: monochrome LED with blue backlight
Battery : 6 × AA battery or 2 × 9V battery
Audio output: built in speaker or 3.5mm (1 / 8 “) earphone
Target ID: 1-100
Volume: level 10
Sensitivity: 1-99

Application and After-Sales Service:

GDS2000 is an all terrain detector designed for long-term search in any environment. With high-resolution iron recognition, professional audio, digital target ID and continuous depth indicator. GDS2000 has a frequency of 12.8khz and can detect small targets, gold, brass, lead, etc. excellently.gds2000 metal detector 8 gds2000 metal detector 9 gds2000 metal detector 10 gds2000 metal detector 11


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