GDS-T1 Detector De Metales-Profesional
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GDS-T1 Detector De Metales-Profesional

GDS-T1 metal detector is the first detector in goldseekers’ latest T series. The price of GDS-T1 is extremely low, which is definitely suitable for any budget. This feature rich detector provides advanced performance in an easy-to-use form. You will have fun while looking for treasures.
GDS-T1 detector provides three operation modes: all metal mode, discrimination mode and precision mode. It also has a target recognition function to help you separate garbage from treasure before you start digging. With the help of audio recognition function, gds-t1 emits different target tones, allowing you to hunt like a professional immediately.

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Product Features:

Exclude junk metal: accepting / rejecting gaps helps detect only what you want and ignore unwanted metal to avoid digging for unwanted biased iron targets, such as bottle caps or washers.
True all metal mode: detect all types of metals and provide the maximum possible detection depth and sensitivity.
Electronic precise positioning: this non moving all metal mode function is used to accurately locate the position of the detected target.
Digital target ID: the range of digital identification is 0-99. Identify the conductivity of the target metal.
Ground balance (manual): allows the user to manually adjust the ground balance of the detector to reduce the adverse impact of ground mineralization.
Fast track ground balance: the automatic function of the detector allows the user to quickly balance the ground under mineralized soil conditions.
search coil: 5 “x 10” DD search coil, search depth up to 8“.
Adjustable threshold: allows the user to manually adjust the audio threshold (constant background sound or “buzz”) to better hear the target.
Backlight display: view settings at night or in low light.
Built in wireless module: used to connect Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.
Humanized design: comfortable padded armrest and ergonomic adjustable design, (adjustable valve stem 41.7 “- 49.2”) can be adjusted according to various sizes and suitable for various heights.
What does it include: headphones, headphone storage bag, manual

Product Parameters:

Search mode: all metal mode, metal discrimination mode, precision mode.
Depth indication: it can be activated in precise mode.
Operating frequency (kHz): 19khz.
Length: 106cm-125cm adjustable.
Weight: 3kg.
Standard coil: 5″x 10″ DD search coil.
Ground balance: manual, automatic.
Headphones provided: wired headphones.
Display: blue backlit display.
Battery: 4x AA battery.
Audio output: 3.5mm (1 / 8 “) headset or Bluetooth headset.
Target ID: 1-100.
Sensitivity: 1-99.
Volume: level 10.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Your goldseekers GDS-T1 is ready to conquer coins, jewelry, Nuggets, cultural relics, etc. VLF technology to help you find more treasures than ever before. Use GDS-T1 to hunt anywhere on land.gds t1 metal detector 12 gds t1 metal detector 13 gds t1 metal detector 14 gds t1 metal detector 15 gds t1 metal detector 16


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