High Quality G002 Handheld Metal Detector
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G002 Handheld Metal Detector

Product Description – G002
Goldseekers-G002 underground metal detector is a convenient metal detector. It can distinguish metals. This metal detector is suitable for people who like outdoor exploration and treasure hunting. Its LCD screen indication mode and precise positioning function enable users to quickly and easily find hidden metals. With the metal detector, you can search for coins, cultural relics, jewelry, gold and silver anywhere. Goldseekers-G002 metal detector is also widely used in many other fields.

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3 working mode: identification, precise positioning and all metal. The detector has three working modes, which are widely used and easy to use.
Widely used: suitable for finding metal objects and any place where hidden metal needs to be detected.
Designed to find metals: search underground for gold, silver, jewelry, coins and other metals.
Adjustable height of metal detector: adjust the length of detector for comfortable use.
Detection indication: audio alarm and pointer indicate the detection of metal.
Headphone jack: for headphone connection, headphones with 3.5mm plug can be used. You can connect a pair of headphones (not included) to the detector so that you can listen privately.
Volume control: adjust the output volume of speakers or headphones.
3 * 6 inch search coil: sensitive and accurate detection.

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Battery: Six 1.5V batteries
Current: min. 30mA, 60mA, max. 60mA
Working environment: – 20 ~ 8451~ 50~8451
Operating frequency: 48Khz
Earplugs: 1 / 4 inch
Detection coil:3 “* 6”

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Widely used: detection of metal foreign matters in raw materials, fuels and food, detection of underground pipelines, archaeology, exploration, discovery of buried treasures of gold, silver and metal products, acquisition of scrap metal industry, customs and security inspection, detective search of police departments, inspection of metal foreign matters in express delivery and luggage, etc.

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