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G001 Handheld Metal Detector

Product Description – G001
Goldseekers-g001 metal detector can complete the arduous task of detecting gold in harsh metallogenic environment and harsh soil, and improve the level of electronic exploration. He can confirm the signal through three prompts, which is faster and more accurate than ever before!

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Goldseekers-g001 metal detector is widely used in exploration, archaeology, security inspection, lost and found and other fields. It has the function of land balance and can eliminate the interference of mineralization. In heavily mineralized environments, the auto balance mode can be quickly activated to eliminate interference and accurately locate the location of gold.

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Small and light, easy to operate: easy to operate with one hand, keep the search coil parallel and close to the ground, and then sweep from one side to the other with slow overlapping grinding action. The detachable search coil is easy to carry and store.
Adjustable height and comfortable use: for people of different ages and heights, the rod of the metal detector can extend 20.08 ~ 31.10 inches.
Target recognition: the detector can distinguish metal targets and detect different metals and send out alarm sounds with different tones
Headphone jack: used for headphone connection. You can use stereo or mono headphones.
Precise positioning function: press the paddle under the grip, that is, the precise positioning function, to locate the target and determine its exact position.
High sensitivity: when the detector detects metal, it will give an alarm, which can be used to find gold, silver, jewelry, coins and other metals on the floor. It is very suitable for finding metal objects and any place where hidden metal needs to be detected.

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Battery: Six 1.5V batteries
Current: min. 30mA, 60mA, max. 60mA
Working environment: – 20 ~ 8451~ 50~8451;
Operating frequency: 48Khz
Earplugs: 1 / 4 inch
Detection coil: 5.5 “* 11”

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Metal detectors are mainly used to detect and identify underground metals. In addition to military use, they are widely used in:
(1) Safety inspection, public safety agency package:
(2) Scan foreign matters in raw metals, fuels and food;
(3) Scan metal items by mail or baggage;
(4) Detect underground pipelines and cables;
(5) Archaeology, mineral exploration, discovery of underground metal objects.


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