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F004 Handheld Metal Detector

Product Description –F004
Goldseekers F004 metal detector adopts upgraded chip, 3 * 6-inch coil and new handle. It has the most comprehensive function of current metal detector, the detection depth exceeds 20% in the market, and has an ultra long standby time. It has the characteristics of automatic ground balance, so it can reduce geomagnetic interference and find what you need accurately. I hope it can bring you more surprises.

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【high precision & 53.3 inch long & 3 * 6 inch search coil】 53.3 inch metal detector and 3 * 6 inch search coil have high sensitivity, which can detect small coins and metals with a depth of up to 9 inches and larger objects up to 5 feet. Very suitable for outdoor.

【four strong modes】goldseekers-f004 metal detector has four modes: ① all metal mode – the metal detector will notify you when it sees any metal. ② Disc mode – you can distinguish between specific types of other metals. ③ Notch mode – select the target to notch (eliminate) by notch. ④ Depth mode – amplifies deep target signals.

【advanced chip】 high performance advanced chip can more accurately locate and identify metal and save power

【adjustable humanized design】 goldseekers-f004 metal detector, with adjustable rod length from 53.3 inches to 40 inches, suitable for adults and children. The handrail design saves labor, makes you more comfortable and less pressure. Let’s start your treasure hunt with this metal detector.

【configure 1 9V battery and good service】 it has 1 * 9V durable battery and long-lasting endurance, which can be used with traditional headphones. If you have any questions about metal detector or metal detection technology, please feel free to contact us.

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battery: 1 9V battery
battery life: about 8 hours
earphone: 3.5mm earphone jack
weight: 3.19kg
standard search coil: 3 * 6 inch closed frame oval double coil
working frequency: 19khz, crystal control
working principle: very low frequency induction balance
reactive overload: 10000 μ g (with standard search coil)
resistance overload: 1200 μ g (with standard search coil)
operating temperature range: 14 to 122 ° f (10 to + 50 ° C)
working humidity range: 0-90% non densification


This F004 metal detector is ideal for those who are looking for a serious middle-level machine. With your metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. This metal detector is versatile and easy to use.


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