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F003 Handheld Metal Detector

Product Description – F003
The Goldseeker F003 is unique among relic hunting detectors for its versatile function as an all-purpose treasure detector and also its high sensitivity to small gold nuggets. The new F003 has been custom designed to find the smallest targets, provide superior target separation and feature advanced discrimination control. The control, menu options and features are tailored to relic-hunting, including a sophisticated ground balancing system, separate control over signal gain and threshold and a unique discrimination control system.

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Simple, easy-to-use control, assembly is easy and requires no tools

A 3-segment battery indicator at the top-left of the display indicates the battery condition

F003 is designed to ignore signals caused by ground minerals and trash

Identifying a buried metal object and estimating the size and depth of object

Estimating the effects of electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices

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Batteries: Single 9-volt alkaline battery
Battery life: Expect about 15 to 20 hours of life from a 9-volt alkaline battery, without use of backlight
Headphones: 1/4’’ headphone jack
Mechanical: S-rod with electronics housing on rod, 3-piece breakdown construction, nonmetallic telescoping lower rod, adjustable position armrest
Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz. with battery installed
Standard searchcoil: 11 inch DD elliptical, open face, waterproof
Operating principle: VLF induction balance
Operating frequency: 19.2 kHz, crystal controlled
Reactive Overload: Approximately 10,000 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility)
Resistive Overload: Approximately 1,200 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility)
Ground Cancellation Range: From ferrite to salt, inclusive
Discrimination ground suppression: Combination of 2nd and 3rd order methods
Target-ID ground suppression: 3rd order
Operating Temp Range: 14 to122 degrees F (-10 to +50 degrees C)
Operating Humidity Range: 0 – 90% non-condensing


Coinshooting is searching for coins, usually in places like parks, schoolyards, church lawns, and people’s yards.

Relic Hunting is searching for historical artifacts. The Goldseeker F003 can handle the toughest ground mineralization, capable of ground balancing all way to salt.

Gold Prospecting is searching for the gold. To be a successful prospector, learn the geology of the area your are prospecting, learn what geological processes created the gold, learn to identify the various rock and mineral types which are typical of that area.


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