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F002 Handheld Metal Detector

Product Description –F002
Goldseekers-f002 is a high-performance and intelligent underground treasure finder with metal detector. It integrates new technologies in electronic instruments. Its functional design represents the forefront of metal detector technology. Goldseekers-f002 is easier to learn and use. Its assembly is relatively simple and its operation is more simple and convenient. Its light weight is better than traditional instruments. It is very famous for detecting antiquities such as gold, silver and copper coins. The unique magnetic field adjustment function can automatically eliminate the magnetic field that cannot be eliminated in different chaotic environments, and can be filtered manually, which greatly improves the stability and sensitivity of the instrument.

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User friendly display and operation: LCD display screen is easy to read digital display, which is convenient for children and beginners. The display shows the disc / notch range, sensor level, battery status, metal type.

all metal and disc / notch mode: capable of detecting all metals, including gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron and steel. The discrimination mode (disc) allows the target to be distinguished from unwanted metal and set not to respond to certain objects. Three audio recognition tones (high / medium / low) for different types of metals allow searching without having to look at the display all the time or search without light.

6 * 11 inch waterproof search coil: larger coil provides higher sensitivity (depth: > 7 ” tested by American Quarter coin.) The waterproof coil can be detected on the beach or in shallow water. It is recommended to find old coins, jewelry and cultural relics for exploration and practical applications.

family enjoyment: 42 ~ 52 Inch adjustable length, suitable for children and adults. Interesting gifts for friends, family and children. Enjoy the fun of outdoor treasure hunt!


battery: 1 9V battery
earphone: 3.5mm earphone jack
weight: 3.9kg
Standard search coil: 6 * 11 inch closed frame oval double coil, waterproof
working frequency: 5KHz, crystal control
working principle: very low frequency induction balance
reactive overload: 10000 μ g (with standard search coil)
resistance overload: 1200 μ g (with standard search coil)
Operating temperature range: 14 to 122 ° f (10 to + 50 ° C)
working humidity range: 0-90% non densification

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Goldseekers-f002 is easy to operate and easy to use. It is very popular with new and old users. It can find coins, gold and silver jewelry or metal objects that people forget or lose their arrows in lawns, snow, beaches, wilderness and places of interest. The actual use process will make you feel fun. The instrument has automatic identification function. Its biggest feature is that it can eliminate mineralization reaction and external interference. It is one of the necessary products for treasure seekers.


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