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F001 Handheld Metal Detector

Product Description –F001
Goldseekers-f001 is widely used to find metal objects and any place where hidden metal needs to be detected.Designed to search for gold, jewelry, coins and other metals on the ground.The height of the metal detector is adjustable, the length of the detector can be adjusted, and the use is comfortable.The audio and screen values indicate the type of metal.Jack provides a jack for connecting headphones. Both stereo and mono headphones can be used.Volume adjustment controls the output volume of speakers or headphones.Goldseekers-f001 is equipped with waterproof search double coil. You can use metal detector in shallow water.

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2021 new upgraded Chip & long battery life: goldseekers-f001 metal detector has the power saving function, which is more stable when the battery power is lower, and it is not easy to be disturbed and barking. This gold detector only costs 8Ma in standby mode and 11ma in working mode. Compared with other models with standby time of 30mA and working time of 60mA, goldseekers-f001 metal detector has long battery life, saves at least 1 / 3 of power and is more environmentally friendly.

6 * 11 inch IP68 waterproof search coil with strong stability: the larger the search coil, the higher the sensitivity. The metal detector kit can detect coin sized targets up to 8 inches deep and larger targets up to 4 feet. At the highest sensitivity, the detection depth of 25 cents is 9.8 inches and that of iron is 11.8 inches. This metal detector is suitable for working in shallow water areas, such as beaches, streams and yards, where you can freely find treasures invisible to most people.

three high-precision operation modes: goldseekers-f001 metal detector kit is easy to use, so that different types of metal detector enthusiasts can use it. ① All metal mode: the gold detector will notify you when it sees any metal. ② Disc mode: allows you to exclude the first five metal types from left to right. You can distinguish other metal types of specific types. ③ Precise positioning: depending on the environment, you can choose different positioning intensity, which helps to detect metal through beep.

equipped with LCD display: equipped with larger LCD display to facilitate you to obtain different detection depth, resolution, working mode and sensitivity level. You can more easily distinguish between target metals and unwanted metals. Goldseekers-f001 metal detector is built into 3.5mm earphone jack, and is equipped with comfortable earphone and volume adjustment function (Note: the control box is not waterproof)

ergonomic handle design is adjustable: 41 to 47 inch height adjustable valve stem is suitable for different gold detector lovers. Help you enjoy adventure and treasure hunting. This metal detector is designed by senior designers for adventure lovers.

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Battery: 4 5A batteries
Earphone: 3.5mm earphone jack
weight: 3.9kg
Standard search coil: 6 * 11 inch closed frame, oval double shaft, waterproof coil
working frequency: 19khz, crystal control
working principle: very low frequency induction balance
reactive overload: 10000 μ g (with standard search coil)
resistance overload: 1200 μ g (with standard search coil)
operating temperature range: 14 to 122 ° f (10 to + 50 ° C)
working humidity range: 0-90% non densification

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Goldseekers’ new metal detector F001 can find people’s forgotten or lost coins, gold and silver jewelry or metal items in grassland, snow, sand beach, barren mountains and fields, ancient areas and other places. The actual use makes you moved and fun. The instrument has the function of gear identification. Its advantage is that it can eliminate mineralization reaction and interference. It is one of the necessary products for treasure seekers.Goldseekers’ new F001 underground metal detector is mainly used to detect underground metal. In addition to military applications, it is also widely used in safety inspection, archaeology, prospecting, treasure exploration, lawn search for metal foreign bodies and so on. Goldseekers’ new F001 underground metal detector is also especially suitable for looking for metal objects, gold and silver jewelry and various coins in the desert.


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