Examples Of Underground Detection With Metal Detector
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Examples of underground detection with metal detector


There are many examples of underground detection with metal detectors. For example, search for buried leftover items in an ancient house, because many kinds of discarded metal sundries such as iron nails, copper wires, old locks and fragments of iron pots are buried underground for a long time, which will send large signals. In this case, The first is to move out all the homes in the house, and then use the land balance file to detect and remove the metal debris. After careful exploration and digging out the metal objects in the shallow layer, you can search for the deep part.

underground gold finder 1

Exploration is a very hard work, which requires the explorer to have strong patience, very careful observation, as well as great confidence and perseverance. No detector can clearly display the underground metal objects. It can only roughly predict the position of the metal target. If you want to find something more accurately, rich experience is also necessary for a detector. Carefully analyze the response of the instrument to make a correct judgment.

The triumphal M90 underground metal detector can be used for exploration to detect mineral deposits that are not deeply buried, including some natural gold nuggets, vein gold deposits, sedimentary placer gold deposits, various rich ores, etc. The detection of natural gold nuggets is carried out in the way of land balance, just like the search for metal coins. Most gold nuggets are buried in highly mineralized strata, so they must be carefully balanced in advance. In placer gold deposits, gold and fine forms are mixed with sand, and there are often a large number of metal ore deposits. The signal caused by this mixture is the same as that of ferrous metals, but the reaction is weaker than that of pure metals, and the sound area is generally wide. Turn off the power and never leave the instrument open.

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